Posted by: Kamal Vyas | September 1, 2007

Blogging Better With Video

Blogging seems fun.

Today I  learnt how to embed  video on my blog page.

So I present here video of my granddaughter Aneri.No doubt teaching and coaching by my son Samir.First thanks to Samir.

Aneri-playing and eating



  1. well, it works
    There was little issue. WordPress has specific way to publish video. Samir helped me figure it out.

    I am all set, it seems.

  2. Excellent work, kudos and keep it up

  3. Dear Pappa

    Good work! and good information i came to know today only that blogging can have vedio also i was under the impression that it means writing only

    Deepali Jyotin

  4. અનેરીને હાલતી , ચાલતી અને કીલ્લોલતી જોવાની તો મઝા આવી જ.
    પણ ,
    બેબીબેન વાડકીમાં દુધપાક પીએ છે તેમ લાગ્યું !!!

  5. janan, vashistha…..aneri ne joine khus thai gaya.

  6. Dear Kamalbhai and Pragnyaben,
    Very nice video. Dhruv is doing the same activities here…..Love and regards to all there.
    Do visit

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