Posted by: Kamal Vyas | September 5, 2007

Baby sitting experience – Aneri

Most of us have one or more occasion to go through this type of experience .During my current USA trip once again i have gone though baby sitting of my grand daughter Aneri. This is after a very long interval of about 30 years.

No doubt this is a pleasant and joyful job to play with children.One can enjoy this activity very well if energy level of the person is at the same or more but at least not less than level of the child.But when child is ill or not in usual mood it becomes a big task to manage for even a short period.

Before I came here I told my son Samir that u don’t worry at all about Aneri ,I will manage her alone.But after my arrival I found that it is not as simple or easy as I thought before.Our Aneri is very much active and energetic playful to do all Dhamals.She does not walk but runs all the times. I wish I have energy of a kid. 🙂 But fact is that age does its job. 🙂 With my energy level reduced compared to 30 years back, for me, running after Aneri is like going to Gym. 🙂 Though tiring, it gives us great pleasure and treasure to cherish for long time… As they say “Mudi karata vyaj vadhare vhalu hoi” 🙂

Here are some glimpses of Aneri – playing with Grandpa




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Red Cherry Picking

As most of you may know, here in USA red cherry picking is one type of picnic.People with family-friends go to cherry garden.Here eating cherry is free but to carry home is charged according to the quantity.Everything is done by self service.the people enjoys the picnic.

Few months back, Samir and his friends went for cherry picking to near by place. Here one small video of cherry picking is attached.In video one can see my wife Pragna picking cherries. She is on ladder to reach higher branches of tree. That must have reminded her of her childhood as she claims

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Raxabandhan Celebration in USA

Friends thanks for yr moral support for blogging till today and hoping for the same in future.

Now this time as in our last USA visit in 2006, v celebrated the fesival in the same way. Samir’s friend group arrange for get-to-gether at one convinient place-home or a common room of a residence community.The tradition is to celebrate on the same day,even on working day in the eve.The expense for dinner is shared by all present persons.

After arrival of all expected persons , one lady ties up rakhee to another person with giving sweets to each other. Rakhee-bandhan is followed by a delicious dinner.

All have a good fun,pleasure and chatting in the function. Everybody njoys it.

We had nice time and I am glad that we are continuing our traditions here in US as well.

Here 3 snaps of this function r given ………………



Rakshabandhan - 3

Posted by: Kamal Vyas | September 1, 2007

Trying images through windows Live Writer

Using wordpress’s online image editor could be bit slow.  I am hoping for better option. Samir suggested using WLW itself to do so.

I am trying WLW. Let’s see how it goes.

Here are two snaps of our trip to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon in 2006, when we visited US first time.

DSC04599 DSC04430-1

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Blogging Better With Video

Blogging seems fun.

Today I  learnt how to embed  video on my blog page.

So I present here video of my granddaughter Aneri.No doubt teaching and coaching by my son Samir.First thanks to Samir.

Aneri-playing and eating

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Windows Live Writer

 I have started to write in Windows Live Writer today on 1-9-07.Let us hope it  works out in proper way.This is a testing one.

Posted by: Kamal Vyas | September 1, 2007

My first blog

This is my first post.

I plan to write lot more about my thoughts, interests and philosophy. Hope you will find it interesting to read.

Enjoy !