Posted by: Kamal Vyas | September 3, 2007

Raxabandhan Celebration in USA

Friends thanks for yr moral support for blogging till today and hoping for the same in future.

Now this time as in our last USA visit in 2006, v celebrated the fesival in the same way. Samir’s friend group arrange for get-to-gether at one convinient place-home or a common room of a residence community.The tradition is to celebrate on the same day,even on working day in the eve.The expense for dinner is shared by all present persons.

After arrival of all expected persons , one lady ties up rakhee to another person with giving sweets to each other. Rakhee-bandhan is followed by a delicious dinner.

All have a good fun,pleasure and chatting in the function. Everybody njoys it.

We had nice time and I am glad that we are continuing our traditions here in US as well.

Here 3 snaps of this function r given ………………



Rakshabandhan - 3



  1. Bapu,

    Great progress.
    Keep up the blogging spirit. You can share with your friends/family so easily.

    Yes, Rakshabandhan celebration was nice and we all enjoyed


  2. બાપુ! હવે ગુજરાતીમાં થાવા દ્યો……..

  3. we are happy to see rakshabandhan celebration.

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